FUJI Outstanding and Automatic Escalator
July 12, 2018
FUJI Passenger Elevator Lift Company
July 12, 2018

Product Description

We produce and supply kinds of automatic sidewalks according to your unique requirements.
Energy efficient and user-friendly stand-by speed to enhance
Superior performance of escalator
Safe, reliable, comfortable and quiet, smooth, low noise, cozy enjoyable
Automatic lubrication
Fault display
Demarcation lamp
Running direction indication
Automatic start/stop
VVVF variable frequency energy-saving system

Traveling height: 1, 000 to 29, 000mm
Step width: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and1400mm
Rated speed: 0.5m/s
Persons: 4, 500 to 9, 000p/h
DIP angle: 30 to 35