As a global concierge that provides best-in-class products and superior services to the shipping and offshore industry, we strive to create solutions that deliver value to our customers. We offer a suite of logistical services, storage and handling services to all our customers. Over the years, we are proud to have served cargo fleets, cruise and ferry fleets, fishing vessels, military and navy vessels and offshore facilities around the world.

Merchant Vessels

We support all kinds of merchant vessels regardless of size, from container ships to bulk carriers with general ship supplies, marine equipment and spare parts. Our supplies are delivered all over the world and with our extended global network, we can easily coordinate any kind of delivery to any port.

Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service which, combined with a broader products and services portfolio across expanded networks, will create solutions that deliver value to all participants while taking out unnecessary costs.

We are also experts in procuring local foods, bringing you a taste of home no matter where you are in the world. We can deliver your favorite food products to different ports, and are specialist in Danish, Norwegian, Indian and Filipino food.

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